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    One Minute to Better Sleep!

    We’ve all heard the admonishment to get more sleep. Experts say blue light from technology can impair our sleep quality, but sometimes a person really wants to get cozy with their Significant Other in bed in January. And by Significant Other, I of course refer to the ipad. Simply adjust your “Night Shift” setting under “Display & Brightness” in your Settings. From Sunset to Sunrise, make your display as warm as possible (the opposite of the dreaded Blue Light). Or you could get a pair of these sexy specs from Amazon, your choice.

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    A Lazy Elegant Green Thumb

    Plants can be beautiful, healing, and provide life to interiors. Or they can be ugly and make you feel bad when they fail to thrive. In the immortal words of the late George Michael, CHOOSE LIFE. Limit your scope. Outdoors, stick to a few striking pots by your front and back doors. Indoors, focus on a few areas where you spend the most time: perhaps the kitchen counter, the living room coffee table, the bathroom, and the bedroom. 2. Limit yourself to fairly bright areas indoors. Sorry, that dark corner of your windowless bathroom will have to be brightened by a candle or vase of flowers (or both!) 3. Choose…

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    Isn’t Laziness Bad?

    Much like food, music, or clothing, laziness CAN be bad…or wonderful. Short-term laziness is bad. Incurring late fees Littering Having a careless appearance or environment Running out of gas Parking illegally or inconsiderately Long-term laziness is good: Being organized means you don’t spend time looking for things. Favoring timeless classics over trends saves time spent shopping, replacing things, and worrying if you’re on trend. Owning fewer but better things, means you’ve got less to purchase, care for, and decide amongst. You also can spend less time working to pay for excessive stuff. Choosing appropriately sized portions means you don’t have to “work off” excessive calories or waste a day nursing…

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    Want to live your Dream Life? But you’re also lazy? Me, too! Luckily for you, I organize my thoughts best by writing things down, so you can benefit from my mistakes discoveries by following along. How do I define Lazy Elegance? “Lazy” to me means conserving: time, money (for which we trade our time), energy “Elegance” to me connotes beauty and joy refinement or simplicity occasional luxury dignity and grace Through clever strategies, our lives can become richer and more fun. Richer and more fun! I felt that bore repeating.

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